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Experiments in Light | Colour | Form Photography with MODEL MIN JUNG VOL. 16 @ Tekumi Studios

True to the event name we did some photo experimenting in Vol. 16. Read below to see how it went down!

Photography Set #1

When preparing themes and ideas for any shoot I like to start with colour. Colour is such an important part of my work and it sets the tone and mood for rest of the shoot. Do we want bold contrasting colors or light and airy complementary colors? Once I have an idea of what colors I want to use I can start preparing lighting setups. And from there is where the fun and creativity really begins.

For the first set, I had decided on a more light and dreamy color combo infusing blues, pinks, light oranges and purples. I got some inspiration from Pinterest and think it's always a good idea to make a little mood board to share with your models and in this case other participants of the workshop in advance so we're all on the same page. Props and accessories are also vital to not only give the photographer more to work with but also the model something to do. Sites like Temu and Shein are great for cheap and sometimes very unique inexpensive items and I happened to find some beautifully colored and textured Tulle fabric. Tulle is a fabric I absolutely love to use in my photography as it's light and transparent but as you'll come to see from the photos below magical when you use slow shutter and movement.

Using a 1 second exposure I was able to get some truly dreamy shutter drag photos by ensuring our model was properly lit with constant lights, the Amaran 300c from behind and Godox TL-60 Tube lights from the side. Be sure to add some smoke for even more atmosphere. It takes a lot of shots and trial and error but the results are almost more like a painting than a photo.

What do you think? Leave your comments below!

Photo Set #2

For the 2nd set the theme was gold, baby, gold 💛 Vintage sunset vibes with a bit of an exotic twist.

I wanted to keep this set more mono-tonal and play more on shadows and highlights. The lighting set up was quite simple

  • Amaran 300c with a 90cm softbox and grid to direct the light from behind the model at a 45 degree angle.

  • Zhiyun Molus G200 with grid in front 45 degree on the same side to give facial light.

  • Godox TL60 to fill the bottom of the frame

Deniz Demir Photography Creative Abstract Portrait Photography Lighting Breakdown

Again, I found some really unique and inexpensive gold accessories from Temu like the gold wrap around snake and finger rings as well as the gold sequence top and gold fabric to wrap around our models waist.

I was stacking 4 different filters to achieve the final results including a 1/4 blackmist pro, 6 x cross star-filter, soft focus filter and white streak filter. I had crazy amount of vignetting of course which I edited out in Photoshop afterwards but it gave such a vintage-y vibe to the overall look, I personally love how these turned out. All shot on a Sony A7IV with Sony 24-70 GMII lens.

I'll post more from this set on my Instagram soon so stay tuned there but here are some of the shots in progress!

Once again a big thanks to all those that joined the workshop last week! 3 solid hours of creative experimenting! And a special thanks to our model Min Jung... please give her a follow on her Instagram here.

Got questions? Comments? Leave 'em in the comments below and I will be sure to get back to you.

If you're in Tokyo and want to join in on the next session please send me a DM on Instagram and join the Tekumi Meetup Portrait and Street Photography Group Creatives Group

Thanks always for reading!



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