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Experiments in Light | Colour | Form Photography with MODEL AZUMI VOL. 5 @ Tekumi Studios

I took some time off of the studio series but we were back this past weekend with another instalment. A lot of planning goes into each shoot from finding the right model to having enough creative ideas to fill the 3 hours and this event was no exception. This was also the first event where I had to deal with a last minute cancellation from our original planned model! Not good, but the show must go on and I was fortunate to find a more than suitable replacement with Azumi-san. I actually had a shoot planned with her later in the month so I was more than thrilled to get her to participate in this group setting.

My original concept was more befitting the original planned model and I knew for Azumi-san, a bold and tattooed model, we needed something more edgy and cool.

I had recently seen some another photographer on YouTube cover some lighting concepts and for one of his shoots he had used tulle fabric which is a super sheer but highly structured material. Not only that but it's quite reflective and I thought we could have lots of fun with lighting achieving creative results. So I bought a white and orange fabric and decided to run with a teal and blue setup for the first set.

I had a blue gel on the main light, a Godox AD300 pro with a grid and an orange gel on both the kickers in the rear. One Godox speedlight off to the side of the model and another on the other side giving more of a rim light. To get the really dramatic look it was important to use a black backdrop. For camera settings I wanted to use a slightly slower shutter speed to give a more ethereal look to the fabric moving. The results were immediately impressive and it's a technique I'll definitely use again.

For the next set, I had bought a vintage TV from the eighties and had a more vintage cyberpunk vibe in mind with the lighting and edits. I also used a projector in this set but admittedly with the strobes popping off it was hard to get it to show to definitively in the background but it does add well to the overall aesthetic nonetheless I think. What do you think of the results? Leave me your feedback in the comments!

BTS... the TV is hiding on the floor on this shot

For the last set I bought some illuminated cyberpunk glasses that I thought would work really well with Azumi-san's style. I just ran out of time in the end and didn't get much of anything to show from this concept so I'll probably use that again in the near future. I did see some results from some of the other photographers and it looked pretty cool. Here's one shot with some BTS.

I'm planning out the next shoots and got some interesting ideas and inspiration in the works! If you're in the Tokyo area and want to participate either as a photographer or a model let me know! Till the next one!

- d.


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