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Anyone who has spent the most minimal time in this country will instantly appreciate how Japan is a land of stark contrasts. For every push into the future there are remnants of the past seemingly at every turn. Skyscrapers are being built next to shrines and fancy Michelin star restaurants are surrounded by vintage izakaya drinking pubs. Japan, as the worlds most ageing society, has always had its eyes on the future but its feet firmly planted in its nostalgic past.

This contrast leads to a wealth of photographic opportunity. And as a photographer with a keen interest in deep culture I wouldn't want to be photographing anywhere else!

There's a story attached to every photo I show here. Mostly fictional, but also mostly from my own experiences in Japan over the years. In this series my aim was to capture and edit in a way that portrays modern day Japan but in a style that gives it a time-honoured classic feel.

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