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Experiments in Light | Colour | Form with Photography with MODEL DJHINA VOL. 12 @ Tekumi Studios

Updated: Mar 2

Been some time since my last post and moreover my last event / workshop. Anyone who has lived in a foreign country knows the stress and complications of waiting for visa renewals but with a new visa in hand it was time to start the Experiments in Light | Colour | Form series once again and this time we had the beautiful DJ Hina in studio. Lets dive in and take a look at some of the studio photography tips and tutorial from that day.

During my downtime I had a lot of time to refine some ideas and techniques and wanted to put them into practice and also wanted to try out a new red backdrop to create a bit of an edgier look for one of the sets.

I have been influenced a lot lately by some top notch global photographers like rifflex and moodydarkroom both entirely different styles of photographers but both with their own unique style and vision. While these workshops focus primarily on lighting I want to start building out more conceptual and elaborate sets as we continue to move the series forwards to make them the best in the city! Now lets get to the photos and some behind the scenes insights into one of the main sets.

Terminator Red

With the red backdrop up the idea was to create something a bit more striking and full of contrast. To achieve that we decided to use godox projector and gobo attached to the new Zhiyun Molus G200 Cob light I recently purchased. This little light packs a serious punch with a max output of 300W! I always found it difficult to pair a gobo with strobes as the projector always decreases the light output of any light source you are using and strobes can easily overpower them. Not with this light though as I was able to use 2 strobes with the projector quite comfortably.

Lights as follows*

  1. Amaran P60c lighting the backdrop in a red-orange to give more depth and richness

  2. Godox AD300 on a 90cm softbox with grid to lightly fill in shadows from the left side front.

  3. 2 x Godox TL60 RGB lights set to red to light the other side of the backdrop

  4. Godox V860iii speedlight in a vertical stip box with grid set behind the model to give separation from the background.

  5. Godox SA17 projector with gobo illuminating just the model attached to the Zhiyun Molus G200.

photographer shooting model in studio with lights
Deniz Demir Photos @ Tekumi lighting setup breakdown

And here are the results!

More from this set including some pretty awesome projector series will be up on my instagram In the meantime, I'll leave some BTS shot by one of the participants to give some idea of what we were doing as well as one of the images. Shout out to Bob @tokyotruebeautyphotography and the other participants for a very creative day of shooting.

Model being photographer in studio with lights
Deniz Demir Photography @ Tekumi Studios Workshop

If you are in the Tokyo area and want to join any of the future events please sign up at the group Meetup page to keep informed of the next one!

Thanks for reading!

- d.


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