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Experiments in Light | Colour | Form Photography with MODEL KUN NICKKO VOL. 15 @ Tekumi Studios

Updated: Mar 2

After a little hiatus over the holidays we got right back into it in the new year with back to back studio shoots.

I'm going to keep this one a bit short and let the BTS video wonderfully captured by Andy @andwack do the talking. I also breakdown the studio lighting how to below so keep reading!

For this shoot, the inspiration was definitely glitzy, glamy, retro and disco 💃🪩 I strung up some shiny silver balls that I had ordered from Temu and to be honest what I had in mind and what I actually received was a bit different. They looked much larger in the online photos so the impact of the hanging silver balls was a bit less muted for my taste but setting them in hanging from the ceiling at various distance from the camera added a nice little sense of depth to the photos.

We had the talented and expressive Nickko @kunnickko gracing us with her modeling so a big thanks to her.

The setup was as follows:

  • Main Light = Godox AD300 with a silver beauty dish with diffusion set in the center-right of the model.

  • Fill Light = Godox V860III speedlight set to the left side of the model.

  • Background Light = Godox V860III with pink gel on the white background + Amaran P60x set to orange / pink hue.

  • Fog machine (of course!)

  • Sony A7IV + Sony 24-70 GM II

  • Cross star filter + Black Mist Pro 1/4

  • Whole lot of sas from the model to get those killer poses!

Lighting Setup for Studio Shoot

Check out the BTS below to get a good feel for how it all went down and the photos in the gallery for the results!

If you're in living in or just traveling through Tokyo and want to join the next event please contact me.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions, I would love to hear from you in the comments section below.

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