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Tekumi Photowalks VOL. 14 - Night Photography in Akihabara

Been a minute since the last post AGAIN! I keep intending to be more frequent on the blog but life's been pretty hectic (that's Tokyo!).

One thing some of you may not know but earlier this year I decided to start a Meetup called the Tekumi Tokyo Portrait and Street Photography Workshops group. It was a way for me to get closer to the creative community here in Tokyo and anyone that knows me knows I'm not going to sit around and wait for things to happen or for others to make introductions :) So with that thought, I started the group in mid-February and it's grown to 311 members locals to date today!

Since then I've held a weekly photowalk every Thursday evening with the goal of doing a new station on the infamous JR Yamanote Loop line starting with our first event in Shibuya back in late February. Fast forward several months and we're already ready to host VOL.16 later this week and it's been a crazy ride since. Each and every week, creatives and models get together with the intent of collaborating, creating and networking. The output has been unreal and the community is building strong with a lot of our members coming each week.

Week 14 brought us to the center of otaku culture and gaming central, Akihabara. This was definitely a highly anticipated station for a lot of us as it's one of the busier stations on the line, plus anime, maids, backstreet bars leaves you with plenty of eye candy that has become synonymous with the Japanese pop culture aesthetic.

With that in mind, I'll let the photos do the talking to give you an impression of how it all unfolded including some BTS of the crew in action.

And lastly, before I let you go... you just have to check out this video compilation from one of our new members, Taylan ( and I'm not only astounded by the sheer professional quality but the fact it showed up in our LINE group chat the very next morning!!😮

If you're in the Tokyo area, whether you live here, or passing through and just want to get out and meet a great group of like minded creatives and expand your network, get in touch and sign up through the link to the group here.

Next week, Okachimachi station ( a night out in Ameyoko).



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