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It's 2021. And I'm starting a blog. Really.

If you’ve made it here then a big thank you for your support and welcome to my first blog post.

A blog?? In 2021?

“It’s the year 2021 and I see that you will start a blog” “No. No, this, this can’t be right!”

Well, let’s just say this will be a bit of insight into me as a person and more specifically into my photographic journey. Each time I go out shooting on the streets or start playing around in more unfamiliar environments like the studio for example, I want to record and share that with you. Some of you might be grizzled old vets, hyper polished photographers and maybe some of my revelations will give you a good chuckle. On the other hand, some of you might just be getting into photography to which I’m sure you will find some of the information I share with you to be of use. I hope that will be the case and either way you’ll gain something valuable along the way and maybe learn what my favourite animal is or something (it’s the killer whale IN CASE you’re asking).

It’s a challenge for a lot of us, myself included, to put into words our experiences. I’ve always been a visual and audio person….words or lyrics? Meh, not so much. But there is a definite power and magic to the written word I’ve ignored for a long time and since I’d like to share my photos here primarily, well a blog just kind of makes sense.

And no, this won’t just be a ‘dear diary’ type of thing! I want to share the things I’m learning along the way including tips, tricks and newly discovered techniques to help any and all of you with a passion or interest in photography.

BUT, you don’t have to be a photographer as most of my content is geared towards where I live, in the worlds largest kitchen errr metropolis, Tokyo. So if you love Japan, Japanese culture and of course the aesthetics then this might be a great spot for you to get some unique perspectives.

Most importantly, don’t be shy. Let me know you’re there so if you’ve got questions or comments, fire away! I’m here to engage and have fun.

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“People have often described me as a blogger. I generally shy away from the term because, to me, bloggers are boring, self obsessed narcissists who use their website mainly as a means to discuss the inconsequential minutiae of their day to day lives”

— Anonymous writer


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