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Calling all Content Creators 🌎 Welcome to The Content Creator Hub Facebook Group.

Been a minute fam. But I'm back and will do my best to update you all on the happenings as they happen in my world of content creation! Let's go!

First off, welcome to the new revised site. Honestly, this took me a lot of hours to get it to how I wanted to look which also involved me migrating off of Squarespace and onto Wix. I just found that Squarespace had too many limitations and every-time I hit a roadblock in adding any obvious functions to my site their support was frustratingly non-existent. Wix has plenty more to offer and its ease of use sealed the deal. Give it a try if you're thinking of building your next site!

So this one's going to be short but it's pretty exciting. As of today, another Tokyo based photographer and good friend, Takumi and myself have launched a new Facebook group for content creators around the globe! Takumi ( is well versed in the educational side with his very successful The Creator Pro Academy, so we're gearing up for some big things in this group. It's a private group but anyone can join so we'd love to have you grow with us.

The Content Creator Hub is a community of content creators working together to improve their skills, and grow their businesses! Ask for constructive criticism on your work, ask questions, and get BETTER every day! If you know other content creators, creatives or business owners please invite them! 🎬 🎥 📸 🔥

We want to make the group as jam packed with educational material for learning and growth so be on the lookout for how-to videos, Facebook live Q & A's, workshop recordings, polls, questions and more!

This is part of a long term vision to build a community of like minded creatives around the world to motivate and learn from. You got nothing to lose and everything to gain so come be a part of the group and join the conversation!


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