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Deniz Demir Photography Nihon Nights Presets Package Box

Nihon Nights Preset Pack

$39.00 通常価格

View the gallery of images using these presets


Nihon Nights is my updated collection of 18 of my revamped street presets!  Professionally and meticulously put together to achieve a signature style. I use these mostly for my night street photography and cityscape but can also be used for daytime with a little white balance tweaking and are a huge timesaver in my editing workflow.


And now I'm making them available to you all. 


Tweak to your liking with various options included:


- 18 professional presets

- 3 types of Film Grain On and Reset

- Bloom On and Reset (to really boost those highlights with a soft glow)

- 20 separate Tone Curves including with and without RGB adjustments


* I am also including free 10 mobile phone wallpapers in this pack!


Please visit the PRESETS link for more Before and After, How to Use and Installation Guide.


All the photos in the gallery were edited with this collection!


If there are any issues with installation just reach out!


All Lightroom preset sales are final. Digital products can not be returned, no refunds are available. Any unauthorized distribution of the preset pack is prohibited and illegal.


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