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tekumi tokyo creatives group

This past year I started a photography group in Tokyo for creatives and models to network, collaborate, and CREATE! The group has been a huge success in its early days with our weekly photo walks and I've met some wonderfully talented people along the way. This city just brings out the creative spark in all of us and the Tekumi Tokyo Portrait and Street Photography Workshops Group is just getting started. Whether you live here or just passing through, come join us!

Shinjuku Rain by Tokyo Photographer Deniz Demir


tokyo CREATIVES + MODELS weekly photowalk

The idea was simple. Every week we would throw out the call for creatives and models to meet at a different station each week along the JR Yamanote loop line. We started at Shibuya Station back on March 10, 2022 and have been holding events two times a week each week since at different locations across Tokyo!


studio workshops

The next evolution for me as a photographer was always going to be taking it inside the studio and then sharing that experience with other photographers who don't have the chance to work in this type of environment. Our recent TEKUMI Experiments in Light | Colour | Form Photography Sessions have been a wild hit thus far and its just getting started. Please join the MEETUP group to stay update with all future events.

Studio event by Deniz Demir in Tokyo
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