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photo editing lessons

“You don't take a photograph - you make it”
— Ansel Adams 

As someone who hosts a lot of studio and creative events in the city one thing that became evident to me was just how different the finished photographs looked from each photographer. We could shoot the same model and similar lighting setup but the finished results would always end up entirely different. 

I firmly believe that the photograph taken in camera is one (major) piece of the puzzle but that editing is the secret sauce to speak in truly expressing yourself as an artist. It's something that can be very intimidating for a lot of beginners and even those with a lot of experience as photo editing programs start to take exciting new leaps in technology. 

I edit nearly everyday from street photography to studio portraits where subtleties in retouching are required and over the years I have gained and mastered a lot of techniques in editing apps like Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Let me take your photos to the next level with my one x one private lessons where I can give you all the tools, tips and techniques to simplify the process and in the end make editing enjoyable.



Book time with me online or in person.


Once I get to know where you are currently at in your editing, we can target the areas where you will see the quickest growth and change in how you approach editing in both Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Whether it is street photography or portraits I will breakdown my workflow and show you my editing style.

Max Size: 1-4 persons


¥9,000 / per hour (minimum 2 hours) ONLINE OR IN PERSON (Central Tokyo or my studio)

Locations:  Online, central Tokyo cafe or my studio

Language: English, Japanese (intermediate)

Required Gear: 

Your computer installed with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

BONUS: At the end of your first session of a minimum 2 hours I will either give you FREE a set of 10 of my exclusive Night Street Photography Presets for Lightroom OR a very detailed set of actions for Photoshop that will take your portrait photos to the next level in the shortest time.

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